Thursday, 16 May 2013

My NCBO Webinar

JJ Abrams was also on the call but I told him I was
too busy with ontologies no matter how much he begged.
I could be found speaking on a live Webinar last night which has now been made available online for anyone interested. The talk is about 40 minutes long - I do drone on a bit it seems but we had a lot to talk about. Hopefully the content is interesting. The talk covers the work Simon Jupp (primarily) and I have been doing as one of NCBO's Driving Biological Projects. I've blogged about some of the topics I spoke about, but the main components I spoke about were:
  • Our resources (briefly)
  • How we rapidly develop our ontologies
  • Our Phenotator tool, developed to allow cell biologists to develop a cellular phenotype ontology that covers their data without having to understand OWL or the various reference ontology nuances. 
  • Zooma, a knowledge base of curator ontology annotations for automatically annotating data
  • Our new RDF Atlas work, including web UI allowing new querying over the Atlas and other data resources we've integrated our data with, such as Reactome pathways
  • Our new Atlas RDF-R package (not yet public) which wraps SPARQL into nice convenience functions in R and includes an enrichment package for use against the Atlas. I'm working on a new version of this which build on the work my student Maryam Soleimani and I did in a prototype and will try and release it as soon as possible. I'll blog when I do.
Enjoy The Science.